VIDEO: Protect Your Data with Mirrors and Snapshots

Video created by slimbaltagi on May 11, 2018

    Video recording of a webinar by Deborah Littlefield, MapR Director of Curriculum Development

    "MapR volumes allow you to group and collectively manage data. Mirrors and snapshots are two tools you can use with volumes, to protect and more effectively access cluster data.


    In this webinar you will learn how MapR snapshots and mirrors work, and common uses cases for each – from using snapshots for short-term backup of frequently-changing data, to using remote mirrors for disaster recovery. Join us Thursday May 10th at 10am PT for a complimentary webinar with experts from MapR where you will learn:

    • How MapR snapshots and mirrors work
    • How to create snapshots and recover data
    • How to create and use local and remote mirrors"