VIDEO: Containers & Kubernetes – Without Limits

Video created by slimbaltagi on May 9, 2018

    Video recording of a webinar by Suzy Visvanathan on April 5th 2018 that dives into Containers, Kubernetes and the critical dependencies for a successful Container-based strategy.

    "Container-based strategies are being increasingly deployed, and Kubernetes is rapidly surfacing as the de facto standard for delivery of microservices in today's Big Data marketplace. Cloud-scale data persistence can accelerate the production deployment of Containers and Kubernetes and drive new levels of application agility and insight. With market-leading support for Kubernetes applications, support for all data across all environments and cloud-scale data persistence all core elements of its Converged Data Platform, MapR allows data scientists to leverage all applicable data and deliver stateful, enterprise-grade apps, utilizing the widest array of open source tools. 
    Suzy Visvanathan, Director of Product Management at MapR discusses:

    • Leveraging Containers at scale, in production
    • Delivering cloud-scale data persistence, performance, security, tiered storage and in-place analytics
    • Deploying Containers anywhere; on-premise, at the Edge and across multiple Clouds, while retaining a global view of data, even as Containers are created, deleted or moved across nodes