VIDEO: 3 Benefits of Multi-Temperature Data Management for Data Analytics

Video created by slimbaltagi on Mar 23, 2018

    Video recording of a webinar on April 25th 2017 by MapR and SAP.  "If you’re an SAP customer, you’ve experienced the benefits of deploying SAP® HANA and SAP® IQ for analytical and transactional use cases. However, as data volumes grow, you’re likely asking yourself: How do I scale the storage to support these applications? How can I have one platform for various applications and use cases?

    • Learn about the key benefits of the MapR platform for multi-temperature data management
    • Understand how you can supercharge your SAP® IQ and SAP® HANA applications
    • Hear how SAP Mobile Services has used the MapR platform to reduce cost of their storage infrastructure and improve their mobile big data applications