VIDEO: Sharing sensitive data across departments, companies, countries & clouds using a Global Data Fabric

Video created by slimbaltagi on Feb 24, 2018

    Video recording of a webinar by Pinakin Patel and Lawrence Stoker from MapR Data Technologies, published on February 22nd 2018. 

    "The sharing of sensitive data across departments, within group companies, externally, and across national boundaries is increasingly subject to legislation. 

    In addition, enforcing governance of data subject to such requirements is increasingly challenging, costly and time consuming; with the processes often manual and disjointed; increasing the risk of breach, fines and loss of reputation.

    Join us, to find out how MapR’s Global Data Fabric empowers you with a SELF-SERVICE data sharing solution across departments, companies, jurisdictional boundaries, and clouds, ensuring:-

    • The rules governing data are automatically adhered to at access time
    • Control of data remains fully with the sovereign data owner
    • Data Access is fully audited across the organization"