VIDEO: Fast Cars, Big Data - How Streaming Can Help Formula 1

Video created by slimbaltagi on Dec 9, 2017

    A presentation by Tug Grall at Devoxx United Kingdom 2017.  

    "Modern cars produce data. Lots of data. And Formula 1 cars produce more than their share. I will present a working demonstration of how modern data streaming can be applied to the data acquisition and analysis problem posed by modern motorsports. Instead of bringing multiple Formula 1 cars to the talk, I will show how we instrumented a high fidelity physics-based automotive simulator to produce realistic data from simulated cars running on the Spa-Francorchamps track. We move data from the cars, to the pits, to the engineers back at HQ. The result is near real-time visualization and comparison of performance and a great exposition of how to move data using messaging systems like Kafka, and process data in real time with Apache Spark, then analyse data using SQL with Apache Drill."