VIDEO: Business Processing for near real time application using Data Torrent on MapR Big Data

Video created by slimbaltagi on Nov 7, 2017

    A presentation by Harish Thakkallapally  at the  Apex Big Data World 2017 in Mountain View, California.

    "Real-time/ near Real-time processing is a necessity these days to improve the business process by using automation. The presentation is going to talk about how to solve complex business processes by integrating DataTorrent and Rules engine on MapR Converged data platform. This can be applied to wide variety of use cases for ex., Fraud detection, Patient health monitoring, Internet of Things (Home automation), Trade analysis etc. DataTorrent offers the leading platform and solutions for real-time streaming data processing for any data type, use case, and industry. The MapR Converged Data Platform integrates Hadoop, Spark and Apache Drill with real-time database capabilities, global event streaming and scalable enterprise storage to power a new generation of big data applications."