Where Big Data Has an Intersection with Everyday Lives?

Video created by slimbaltagi on Nov 6, 2017

    A talk by Rob Anderson from MapR at the Big Data Week conference in London on October 27th 2017.   

    "Big Data is changing our lives, discuss what interactions you have on a daily basis with this technology.

    • Introduction to MapR
    • India’s Aadhaar project: This is an unusual Hadoop-based project that is changing society in fundamental ways. How do you identify every person in India, uniquely and reliably—all 1.2 billion of them.
    • United Health Group: Customer will be trying to bring in new data sources to enable them to become a platform based business where IT works for the business and doesn’t dictate the art of the possible. From here I will describe how UHG changed their business.
    • Decisions That Drive Successful Hadoop Projects
    • What are the decisions that drive successful Hadoop projects?"