A whole new way to think about your next-gen applications - Anil Gadre

Video created by slimbaltagi on Oct 1, 2017

    Keynote by Anil Gadre at the Strata Data Conference in NYC on September 27, 2017


    "If you’re struggling to build applications that harness all of your data, you also likely find it a challenge to gather the data in real time, build intelligent models, and reliably deploy them at scale in production as part of mission-critical business applications. Classic relational databases are unable to handle modern data intensive workloads, and NoSQL databases can’t provide the breadth of capabilities required for diverse enterprise applications.


    Anil Gadre explains how customers using a converged data platform are succeeding at creating breakthrough new apps for the enterprise. Converged capabilities ranging from cloud-scale data stores to powerful databases and integrated persisted streaming create new possibilities for enterprise developers looking to architect, develop, and deploy applications that were impossible until now."