Streaming Real-Time Events Using Apache APIs

Video created by maprcommunity Employee on Aug 21, 2017

     Listen to our recently recorded tutorial where we explored the power of streaming real-time events in the context of the IoT and smart cities.

    We looked at a solution that combines real-time data streams with interactive machine learning to analyze and visualize popular Uber trip locations in New York City. Ingestion of the real time data (location, date,time), analyzing it to provide location clusters, as well as providing real time dashboards will all be covered. You will see the end-to-end process required to build this application using Apache APIs for Kafka, Spark, HBase and other technologies. Carol McDonald's presentation consists of four sections:

    • Part 1 Spark machine learning
    • Part 2 Kafka and Spark Streaming
    • Part 3 Real time dashboard using Vert.x
    • Part 4 Spark Streaming, Dataframes and HBase

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