Streaming in the Extreme

Video created by slimbaltagi on Aug 12, 2017

    Video recording of a talk given by Jim Scott at the 2015 Strata + Hadoop World and published on January 18th 2016.

    "Have you ever heard of Kafka? Are you ready to start streaming all the events in your business? What happens to your streaming solution when you outgrow your single data center? What happens when you are at a company that is already running multiple data centers and you need to implement streaming across data centers? What about when you need to scale to a trillion events per day?

    I will discuss technologies like Kafka that can be used to accomplish real-time, lossless messaging that works in both single and multiple globally dispersed data centers. I will also describe how to handle the data coming in through these streams in batch processes as well as real-time processes.
    Finally, we will discuss why a streaming-only implementation can deliver a better experience with equivalent results to the Lambda Architecture."