'Kafka Streams For Java Enthusiasts' by Slim Baltagi

Video created by slimbaltagi on Jun 28, 2017

    This is a talk that I gave at the Chicago Java Users Group (CJUG) on June 8th 2017. Apache Kafka evolved from an enterprise messaging system to a fully distributed streaming platform ( Kafka Core + Kafka Connect + Kafka Streams) for building streaming data pipelines and streaming data applications. 


    This talk is mainly focusing on Kafka Streams, a lightweight open source Java library for building stream processing applications on top of Kafka using Kafka topics as input/output. You will learn more about the following:  
    1. Apache Kafka: a Streaming Data Platform
    2. Overview of Kafka Streams
    3. Writing, deploying and running your first Kafka Streams application
    4. Code and Demo of an end-to-end Kafka-based Streaming Data Application
    5. Where to go from here?