Building Data Pipelines with Spark and StreamSets

Video created by slimbaltagi on Jun 22, 2017

    Video recording of a talk given by Pat Patterson on October 27th 2016  at the Spark Summit Europe in Brussels. "Big data tools such as Hadoop and Spark allow you to process data at unprecedented scale, but keeping your processing engine fed can be a challenge. Metadata in upstream sources can ‘drift’ due to infrastructure, OS and application changes, causing ETL tools and hand-coded solutions to fail. StreamSets Data Collector (SDC) is an Apache 2.0 licensed open source platform for building big data ingest pipelines that allows you to design, execute and monitor robust data flows. In this session we’ll look at how SDC’s “intent-driven” approach keeps the data flowing, with a particular focus on clustered deployment with Spark and other exciting Spark integrations in the works."