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volume name container

Question asked by zhao_rock on Feb 28, 2013
Latest reply on Mar 3, 2013 by abhinav
Hi team,
I have some questions about name container.
As i knewn, every volume has their own name container.
The name container contains the meta data and the first 64 KB of each file in the volume.

 1. If my file < 64KB, the file will all write into name container,seems doesn't distribute files to other node

    **What's the best solution to deal this kind of small files?(less than 64k)**
    **Whether the name container default size 64k for storing the first 64 KB of each file can be set manually?**
    I mean, if i have a file of 50k,the name container will store the whole 50k by default.
    Can we set name container size from 64k to 20k? Then the name container will just store the first 20k of each file.

 2. Replication about name container.

    If every node just has one SP and replication number of volume is 2.
    **Where is the replication of name container? On the same node of name container or any other node?**
    I suppose if the replication on the same node,the info of name container will lose when disk failed happened on this node.