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File Copy from my local drive to VM not working

Question asked by kgurumurthybhat on Feb 27, 2016
Latest reply on May 20, 2016 by maprcommunity
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Hi, I am trying to copy following file from my local drive (macbook) to map User01

Below are the steps I am following

 1. Starting Mapr Sandbox for hadoop 5.0
 2. logging in with the default User name and password (user01)
 3. trying to copy the local lab files with below command
 scp - P 22 HOME/desktop/VMShared/DA450_LabFiles user01@
 4. asking for password (mapr)
 5. getting error stating no such file or directory HOME/desktop/VMShared/DA450_LabFiles
 6. I Can clearly see those files do exist in the path I gave.

Can someone please help me with this error. Where am I doing wrong !

Thank you in advance