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Strip Size Versus Stripe Size?

Question asked by wahyu.sudrajat on Feb 23, 2016
Latest reply on Mar 14, 2016 by wahyu.sudrajat
We are currently trying to install MapR on top of Cisco UCS C240 M4. Those server have RAID controller, so refer to MapR Installation Topic > [Preparing Each Node][1], we set the disks to RAID0 for each disk. There are 24 disks, so we set RAID0 24 times for 1 server. We are rather confuse about "Stripe Size" terms in MapR document. From Cisco [document][2], there are slightly difference about definition of "Strip Size" and "Stripe Size".

Please elaborate the MapR "Stripe Size" term or could MapR confirm to us that MapR "Stripe Size" term is referring the same definition of Cisco "Stripe Size"?

Thank you.