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MapR OSX ODBC Client and R/RStudio

Question asked by amsimms01 on Feb 12, 2016
Latest reply on Apr 20, 2016 by maprcommunity
I have successfully installed the MapR ODBC client and import data from Drill into Excel, and I can also run the Drill Explorer.  R and RODBC is a different story.

    > library(RODBC)
    > ch<-odbcConnect("Sample MapR Drill DSN")
    Warning messages:
    1: In odbcDriverConnect("DSN=Sample MapR Drill DSN") :
      [RODBC] ERROR: state HY000, code 11560, message [unixODBC][MapR][ODBC] (11560) Unable to locate SQLGetPrivateProfileString function.
    2: In odbcDriverConnect("DSN=Sample MapR Drill DSN") :
      ODBC connection failed

I can install RODBC, but when I try to connect I get the error above.  Any suggestions on how to fix this?

.odbc.ini file:

    ; Specify any global ODBC configuration here such as ODBC tracing.
    [ODBC Data Sources]
    Sample MapR Drill DSN=MapR Drill ODBC Driver
    [Sample MapR Drill DSN]
    ; Description: DSN Description.
    ; This key is not necessary and is only to give a description of the data source.
    Description        = MapR ODBC Driver for Drill DSN
    ; Driver: The location where the ODBC driver is installed to.
    Driver             = /opt/mapr/drillodbc/lib/universal/libmaprdrillodbc.dylib
    ; The DriverUnicodeEncoding setting is only used for SimbaDM
    ; When set to 1, SimbaDM runs in UTF-16 mode.
    ; When set to 2, SimbaDM runs in UTF-8 mode.
    ; Values for ConnectionType, AdvancedProperties, Catalog, Schema should be set here.
    ; If ConnectionType is Direct, include Host and Port. If ConnectionType is ZooKeeper, include ZKQuorum and ZKClusterID
    ; They can also be specified on the connection string.
    ; AuthenticationType: No authentication; Basic Authentication
    ConnectionType     = Direct
    HOST               = hadoop-data05.lpi.localdomain
    PORT               = 31010
    ZKQuorum           = hadoop-data01.lpi.localdomain:5181,hadoop-data02.lpi.localdomain:5181,hadoopdata-data03.lpi.localdomain:5181
    ZKClusterID        = lpi-application-cluster
    AuthenticationType = No Authentication
    UID                = [USERNAME]
    PWD                = [PASSWORD]
    AdvancedProperties = CastAnyToVarchar=true;HandshakeTimeout=5;QueryTimeout=180;TimestampTZDisplayTimezone=utc;ExcludedSchemas=sys,INFORMATION_SCHEMA;NumberOfPrefetchBuffers=5;
    Catalog            = DRILL
    Schema             =


    [ODBC Drivers]
    MapR Drill ODBC Driver=Installed
    [MapR Drill ODBC Driver]
    Description=MapR Drill ODBC Driver