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Please correct the mapr-oozie-internal- component

Question asked by wahyu.sudrajat on Feb 5, 2016
Latest reply on Feb 5, 2016 by Ted Dunning
I'm getting consistent failure while installing MapR 4.1.0. It said one of hadoop ecosystem, which mapr-oozie- has been failed to install. I did check into MapR repository and I found the mapr-oozie-internal component is having a huge different size that prior version.

mapr-oozie-internal-    21-Oct-2015 16:49     352M    
mapr-oozie-internal-    06-Jul-2015 21:45     471M    
mapr-oozie-internal-    02-Feb-2016 01:01     16K   

I presume that it got accidentally duplicated the mapr-oozie-4.1.0 which has size of 16K. I also found that Deb version of mapr-oozie-internal seems has correct size. Please update the latest version of mapr-oozie-4.1.0. Appreciate your quick responses.