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Setting up MapR on AWS for on-demand training courses

Question asked by skumagai on Feb 1, 2016
Latest reply on Jun 28, 2016 by rkeirnan
I've just started to learn Hadoop through MapR's on-demand training, and I also want to play around with Hadoop to get myself familiar with it.
It seems the sandbox is a perfect solution for my goal.
Unfortunately, my machine is underpowered to run the sandbox with VirtualBox.
So I'm thinking to set up a working Hadoop system on AWS.

My question is thus: what is the easiest, quickest, and preferably cheapest way to set up a system equivalent of `MapR-Sandbox-For-Hadoop-5.0.0.ova` and `MapR-Sandbox-For-Apache-Drill-1.2.0-5.0.0.ova` on AWS?
My goal at this point is going through all of the on-demand training courses and play around with Hadoop within the scope of the courses.
So, the set up doesn't have to be identical to the virtual images as long as I can practice all the materials taught in the courses.