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CLDB is not working getting LicenseManager init failed

Question asked by vikashardia2010 on Jan 27, 2016
Latest reply on Jan 27, 2016 by Ted Dunning
On a single node MapR cluster of 5.0.0 on starting CLDB i am getting below error:

    2016-01-27 17:34:25,113 ERROR LicenseManager [Thread-2]: Detected time rollback: prev start time=Sun Oct 02 18:01:37 IST 2016, curr time=Wed Jan 27 17:34:24 IST 2016
    2016-01-27 17:34:25,114 ERROR CLDBServer [Thread-2]: LicenseManager init failed, exiting: 22
    2016-01-27 17:34:25,114 FATAL CLDB [Thread-2]: CLDBShutdown: CLDB becomeReadWrite: Error becoming ReadWrite
    2016-01-27 17:34:25,115 FATAL CLDB [Thread-2]: CLDB Exception LicenseManager init failed, exiting: 22
            at com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDBServer.initLicensing(
            at com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDBServer.initCache(
            at com.mapr.fs.cldb.CLDBServer$

I have no clue why it is happening yesterday it was working fine and i did not find any help on internet please help me in debugging this error