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Drill query MapRDB with timerange

Question asked by timmyraynor on Nov 30, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by andypern
In hbase shell we could use command like

`get '/test/service','rk1',{COLUMN=>'fm1:col1',TIMERAGE=>[0,TS1]}`

to query the record versions fall into `[0,TS1)` where `TS1` is the timestamp for each version (the ts1 we set when running the 'put' command).

Is there a way to do the same SQL query in Drill to query such data?

e.g. ``select * from hbase.`/test/table` as t where t.fm1.TIMESTAMP = 1442XXXXX``

or is there a native search mod in Drill that I could use hbase query instead of sql?