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CLDB Failover - how to return to original node

Question asked by kokonihau on Nov 11, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by kokonihau
We were running a CLDB on `node-01`. 
This node failed loosing all its disks and we had to failover the CLDB to a different node. 
The CLDB cid1 is defined for replication factor of 6. 
We would like to move the CLDB back to its original node after fixing it. 
The problem is that the cid1 isn't located on that node anymore and we cant increase the replication factor anymore. 

1) is there a way to move a container replication from one node to another by force? 
2) will isolating the new CLDB node to a cldbony topology with `node-01` will force replication to that node? 
3) any other ideas of how to get the cid1 data to `node-01` and start the CLDB there?