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Not able to login on webserver with machine user

Question asked by vikashardia2010 on Nov 6, 2015
Latest reply on Nov 7, 2015 by mufeed
Hi I am using mapr 5.0.0 on a single node. I am able to install the services and run them but when i try to login on mapr web UI i am getting invalid user i tried to resolve the problem but unable to do so below are my findings:

[mapr@server2 conf]$ jps
12941 FsShell
22483 FsShell
952 CentralConfigCopyHelper
41067 CentralConfigCopyHelper
14194 FsShell
7943 WardenMain
22708 FsShell
46600 CLDB
23033 FsShell
37254 CentralConfigCopyHelper
21107 FsShell
10337 Jps
10024 FsShell
22465 FsShell
7092 QuorumPeerMain
11303 FsShell

seems like all services are running... cldb and zookeeper also
but when i do this

    [mapr@server2 ~]$ maprcli service list
    ERROR (10009) -  Could not connect to CLDB and no Zookeeper connect string provided

I dont know why i am getting this error both zookeeper and CLDB are running fine on there port i checked.

[mapr@server2 conf]$ telnet server2 5181
Trying 172.X.X.X...
Connected to server2.
Escape character is '^]'.
^CConnection closed by foreign host.
[mapr@server2 conf]$ telnet server2 7222
Trying 172.X.X.X...
Connected to server2.
Escape character is '^]'.

Please help me in resolving this problem.