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NFS Mount Tutorial On Sandbox

Question asked by ndewar on Oct 14, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 1, 2015 by andypern
I've installed the Sandbox with Drill and I am following the tutorial on NFS Mount.  The Sandbox VM is running on a Windows host.

I've already got past the need to switch up to root in order to execute the sudo mount commands.

My question is about the IP address used in the tutorial's example (  It is not clear from the tutorial what this IP address is.  Is this the IP address that the windows host reports as belonging to the "VirtualBox Host-Only Network" when I run ipconfig on the host?  Or should it be one of the addresses displayed when I run ifconfig on the VM?

Using the first option the sudo mount command times out.

Using the second option the sudo mount command completes OK, but the MAPR drive is not visible in windows explorer.

Grateful for any guidance.