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MapR ODBC Driver for Drill - Admin Privs Required?

Question asked by mandoskippy on Oct 19, 2015
Hey all, we are installing the MapR ODBC Driver for Drill based on this link:

Our machines are non-privilaged machines, and thus it took a act of IT to make it happen, but it worked.  However, the instructions indicate we have to go make a System DSN for it to work.  I'd like to use a User DSN that way, we can configure the setup as a user, since the driver is installed.

However, I am not sure if this is a scenerio that's allowed. The instructions state system, but when we click User DSN and add, it loads up and everything locks up. Note this is the 32 bit ODBC driver as it matches the bitness of our app we'd be using.  

When I use Drill Explorer, then things are work ok, however, trying to create a User DSN for Tableau is causing everything to be locking up to the point I have to task kill the ODBC Administrator.   Also, we foudn the TDC file, but on Tableau Desktop 8.0 it's doesn't appear to be helping anything...