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Unable to install the node in MapR due  to RAM is 4 GB

Question asked by pvinoth.kumar on Sep 24, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 25, 2015 by leonclayton
Hi , Please advise on the below error message . MapR install failed due to the RAM size is not 8GB, How can I change the default to 4 GB. Im installing "Community Edition" .

    2015-09-24 12:59:08.479: failed: [Verify prerequisites] [localhost.localdomain] => {"failed": true,     "prereq_payload": {"disks": {"/dev/sda1": {"selected": false, "size": "52 GB", "unavailable": "Disk mounted     at /"}, "/dev/sda2": {"selected": false, "size": "7 GB"}, "/dev/sr0": {"selected": false, "size": "1024 MB"}}, "external_address": "", "prereqs": {"CPU": {"required": "x86_64", "state": "VALID", "value": "x86_64"}, "Disks": {"required": "", "state": "ERROR", "value": ""}, "Distribution": {"required": "Suse,CentOS,RedHat,Ubuntu", "state": "VALID", "value": "CentOS 6.7"}, "Free /": {"required": "10 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "50.2 GB"}, "Free /opt": {"required": "128 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "50.2 GB"}, "Free /tmp": {"required": "10 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "50.2 GB"}, "GID": {"required": "504351", "state": "VALID", "value": "504351"}, "Hadoop": {"required": "absent", "state": "VALID", "value": "absent"}, "Home Dir": {"required": "present", "state": "VALID", "value": "~vinoth"}, "Hostname": {"required": "localhost.localdomain", "state": "VALID", "value": "localhost.localdomain"}, "RAM": {"required": "8 GB", "state": "ERROR", "value": "4.0 GB"}, "SWAP": {"required": "0.4 GB", "state": "VALID", "value": "8.0 GB"}, "UID": {"required": 5050, "state": "VALID", "value": "5050"}, "Yarn": {"required": "absent", "state": "VALID", "value": "absent"}}, "state": "CHECKING"}}
Node does not meet prerequisites