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Problem with MapR Zookeeper

Question asked by wlimam on Sep 22, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 28, 2015 by wlimam

I'm trying to install a MapR cluster on two nodes (, The installation of the first node finish successfully, but the second failed and return the following error:

    Failed to detect MapR Zookeeper within 600 seconds. Confirm that the mapr-zookeeper service is running on and that no external filrewall is blocking port 5181.

the command  netstat -tanp | grep LISTEN   return the following:

    tcp  0 0 :::5181 :::*  LISTEN  7868/java

that means that the port 5181 is listening for connection from the network

The command  cat /etc/services | grep 5181  returns no output.

The two commands are executed on the first machine.

Does anybody has an idea ?