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MCS login - PAM Conversation error

Question asked by bharath_s on Sep 4, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 8, 2015 by keysbotzum

I have installed and configured MapR. The Mapr clsuter comes up fine but the login into MCS fails.

/usr/bin/maprcli acl show -type cluster

Principal      Allowed actions        
User mapr      [login, ss, cv, a, fc] 
User root      [login, ss, cv, a, fc] 
User bharath  [login, ss, cv, a, fc] 

user bharath has full access. But when I login into mcs with bharath credentials it shows the following error in pam.log

PAM Response: Bad item passed to pam_*_item()
PAM Response: Conversation error

I can login fine into the CentOs Linux host with the same creadetials though.

Can somebody please help me resolve this.
If not, is there a way to bypass PAM

Thanks in advance.