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Vanilla namenode access to maprfs

Question asked by rhinomike on Sep 2, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 9, 2015 by rhinomike

I know it if possible to configure MapR namenodes to query data present in external HDFS environment

I was wondering: May I configure external namenodes to access MapR-FS data? If my understanding about MapR internals is correct, maprfs:/// is configured to be a nearly drop-in replacement to hdfs:/// calls from an hadoop app; the inner gritty details about the comms between a client and the MFS services are left to be handled by the mapr-client (RHEL) packages.

Based on that I ask, has anyone ever tried to allow non-MapR nodemanagers to access MapR-FS stored data?

The main scenario where this applies is the interoperation between different clusters owned by different teams, where a side of the company using XYZ solution needs to access data from a team using MapR.

Yes, one could copying the data between clusters but copying data is not truly a solution, it is a workaround.

Any comments?