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HBase RegionServer automatically restarts after failure

Question asked by ammolitor on Aug 31, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 31, 2015 by ammolitor
I am testing HBase Failure semantics, and want to understand what happens when a RegionServer dies.  To do this I put a light load on HBase (creating some tables) and then run kill-9 on one of the RegionServer [java] processes. 

This starts out fine, but very quickly after the process is killed, it comes back.  This is not what I expected.
Thus I have two questions:
 1. Is this expected behavior for MapR (MapR 4.1.0, HBase 0.98.4, Hadoop 2.5.1)?
 2. Is there a way to define/control this behavior?

Perusing both the docs and the conf dirs/files on my cluster has not yielded anything so far.