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MapR 5.0 Upgrade Documentation - Update needed.

Question asked by mandoskippy on Aug 18, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 18, 2015 by wochanda
Hey all, I am doing an upgrade to MapR 5.0 and was reviewing the documentation.  Basically, the documentation here:
states that on ubuntu running the command dpkg --list | grep "mapr" | awk '{ print $2}' will get a list of all mapr packages on that node.  This is not correct. If packages were installed at one time and removed, this will still list those packages.  For example, if I remove the awk statement:

$ dpkg --list | grep "mapr"
rc  mapr-cldb                                   MapR: CLDB role package
ii  mapr-core                                     MapR: Core (New) package
ii  mapr-core-internal                            MapR: Core Internal package
rc  mapr-drill                                       Apache Drill Package, built for the MapR profile
ii  mapr-fileserver                               MapR: Fileserver role package.
ii  mapr-hadoop-core                              MapR: Hadoop Core package
ii  mapr-hbase                                MapR: HBase binary package
ii  mapr-mapreduce1                              MapR: Map Reduce 1 package
ii  mapr-mapreduce2                               MapR: Map Reduce 2 package
ii  mapr-nfs                                      MapR: NFS server role package.
ii  mapr-patch                                MapR Technologies, Inc. patch software
rc  mapr-tasktracker                              MapR: Tasktracker role package
rc  mapr-webserver                              MapR: MCS role package.
ii  mapr-zk-internal                       MapR: Zookeeper binary package
ii  mapr-zookeeper                                MapR: Zookeeper role package

There are a number of packages that have rc signifying they have been removed, and a apt-get install of those would add them when they weren't there before.

Might I suggest an update?

dpkg --list | grep "mapr" | grep -P "^ii"| awk '{ print $2}'

that will only look for the results of mapr grep that start with ii