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Titan DB on MapR Tables

Question asked by mandoskippy on Aug 14, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 17, 2015 by mandoskippy
As seen in my other question around Hbase compatibility, I am struggling to get TitanDB to work with MapR Tables.  I am under the impression it should just work (MapR Tables API Compatible with HBase I think) But I am at a loss in following the instructions for getting Titan to Speak to Hbase. It's not "just working" thus I am not sure how to proceed.

Basically, when I put in hostnames and zookeper ports in the downloaded TitanDB, I get errors about Zookeeper keys for Hbase not existing.

I read that MapR doesn't need Region servers etc, and that I should use MapR Jars, so I replaced all the Hbase* jars in the ./lib folder of Titan with MapR supplied jars, but that didn't work, same issues.

I would prefer to not have to recompile TitanDB to get it to work with MapR, and yet, I am struggling how to proceed. Has anyone gotten this to work? What steps did you have to follow? I am not looking for how to use Titan as much as just getting it to interface with MaprDB via the Hbase API.