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Backup Master process fails to start -- HBase 1.0.1

Question asked by ggmapr15 on Aug 14, 2015

I am configuring HBase in fully distributed mode over 3 nodes. Node-1 should run the Master server, zookeeper & regionserver; Node-2 should run zookeeper & regionserver; Node-3 should run Backup Master, zookeeper & regionserver.
I am facing two issues with the setup and need your help —
1) when I run I can see that “HMaster†is running on Node-1; “HRegionServer†is running on both Node-2 & Node-3; “HQuorumPeer†is running on all the 3 Nodes. But the Backup Master process failed to start on Node-2…. Caused by: Address already in use
2) The second problem is, after running the “HQuorumPeer†process continue to run on all the 3 nodes. They are not stopped by the script.

Can you please help?