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MaprDB Not working with HBase Shell/Other Apps

Question asked by mandoskippy on Aug 12, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 13, 2015 by mandoskippy
I am trying to use MaprDB with Titan DB however, something seems wrong with my MaprDB setup in that I can't get any connectivity to the Zookeeper. 

hbase(main):016:0> count '/mytables/current'

ERROR: java.lang.IllegalArgumentException: Check the value configured in 'zookeeper.znode.parent'. There could be a mismatch with the one configured in the master.

Yet when I connect to this with Drill it can query the tables fine. Is there something broken with my hbase zookeeper setup? When I do list of the Zookeeper nodes in hbase zkcli I don't see anything related to hbase... am I missing something?

[zk: hadoopmapr2,hadoopmapr1,hadoopvm5:5181(CONNECTED) 0] ls /
[schema_registry, brokers, marathonprod, admin, chronos, marathon,hadoopmapr2:5181,hadoopvm5:5181, mesosha, servers, services_config, hive_zookeeper_namespace, myriad, consumers, kafka-mesos, controller, storm, hcat_locks, zookeeper, marathon, datacenter, services, drill, controller_epoch, nodes, jobtracker_locks, config]