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mapr-db on NVMe SSD's

Question asked by assapin on Aug 9, 2015
Latest reply on Dec 15, 2015 by rhinomike

I'd like to deploy mapr-db on ssd's in the lab- in particular PCI NVMe SSD's.
I want to be able to test performance as well as behavior during failures etc.
I was thinking ~6 nodes.

Firstly - are there significant production use-cases you have for Mapr-db with this type of setup?
Any chance you can share some info around them?

Second - I am looking for some input regarding HW profile.

My questions:

 1. What's the return on investment for high memory configuration (512 vs. 256)?
 2. performance wise, should I prefer "many" SSD's per server?
 3. how will that compare to e.g. 2 larger (3.2TB) NVMe's?
 4. is replication factor of 2 reasonable for this size cluster?
 5. Does recommended replication factor change if we have say 20 nodes?
 6. How does Mapr-DB address the "uneven wear" phenomenon of ssd's?


My scenario:

 - high velocity, single column upserts of (4-100 bytes at a time)
 - hundreds of columns per key
 - avg. record size is small (few k's in total), large records can be 30K total