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clush: Host verification failed on Amazon EC2 3 node cluster

Question asked by vij_mapr on Jul 30, 2015
Latest reply on Aug 4, 2015 by kirk_lewis
I am following your on-demand training for Hadoop operations and per the lab guide I have set up 3 nodes on  Amazon EC2 cluster.
Following lab guide's instructions, installed clustershell and ran clush but it fails with "Host key verification failed" for all three nodes. Prior to this i have done following:

 - from .pem generated .ppk --> winscp to one (master) node and transferred .pem file.
 - putty to master node with .ppk authentication
 - syskey-gen --> created .pub in .ssh --> scp to other node with .pem bind and copied .pub and appended to authorized_keys
 - followed the above step for the third node
 - updated /etc/clustershell/groups with internal ip info of all nodes in all: 10.0.0.x 10.0.0.y 10.0.0.z
 - now i run clush -a date command for sanity check and it failes with "Host verfiicaiton failed"

Can you tell me why clush is not able to verify the hosts? Your help is greatly appreciated.