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oozie sharelib override

Question asked by arjun_hareendran on Jul 9, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 9, 2015 by Hao Zhu
Hello Folks,
A bit new to mapr, can someone advise me on the below .
I have a mapr cluster with hive 1.0 installed in it, but the oozie sharelib folders have 0.13 jars inside them. The jars mismatch makes my life miserable as I always end up in some kind of exception (Like HACT class not found , HBase Storage handler etc). Can anyone advise me how can I fix this?
I read about oozie sharelib update, is that the way to go ahead?
I also had a look at setting oozie.use.system.libpath=false and setting oozie.libpath .
Can anyone advise me how to make sure oozie just picks up jars from my HDFS folder that I defined and not sharelib ? This might be a silly question but its killing me.
Note: I have written a mapreduce program that reads data from hive table(using HCatalog) and puts it into HBase. If anyone has a prior experience on this topic , can you let me know which all are the jars that i should be having in my lib folder
I use Mapr version M3 but soon might migrate to M5.
Info :  I use HUE to design oozie workflow.