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Central Config fails with ERROR com.mapr.centralconfig.CentralConfigCopyHelper

Question asked by rhinomike on Jul 4, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 27, 2015 by adamdiaz
Hi there,

I am playing with Central Config and noticed that every time one of my nodes tries to pull fair-scheduler.xml it fails with

    2015-07-04 22:46:11,370 ERROR com.mapr.centralconfig.CentralConfigCopyHelper copyToLocalUsingMapRExecute [main]: Failed to copy config file from /tmp/fair-scheduler.xml7616419567325842231.tmp to /opt/mapr//hadoop/hadoop-2.4.1/etc/hadoop/fair-scheduler.xml


If I run `sudo /opt/mapr/server/pullcentralconfig true` then the copy completes with no errors.

    2015-07-04 22:46:49,403 INFO  com.mapr.centralconfig.CentralConfigCopyHelper [main]: Copied /var/mapr/configuration/default/hadoop/hadoop-2.4.1/etc/hadoop/fair-scheduler.xml to /opt/mapr//hadoop/hadoop-2.4.1/etc/hadoop/fair-scheduler.xml

Would anyone have any idea on why this happens? I have a strong suspicion it is connected to this error I saw on configure.log

    2015-07-03 00:12:20.605 node01 Install ConfigureHS:81 Backing up "/opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.4.1/etc/hadoop/mapred-site.xml" to "/opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.4.1/etc/hadoop/mapred-site-2015-07-03.00-12.xml"
chown: missing operand after `mapr'
Try `chown --help' for more information.

Maybe the folder permissions are incorrect? Could anyone have a look at one of their nodes and confirm who owns (uid/gid) /opt/mapr/hadoop/hadoop-2.4.1/etc/hadoop/ and what mode is applied to the folder?

I thank you in advance