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Best configuration for a MapR - Actian POC

Question asked by agpayne12 on Jul 2, 2015
Latest reply on Jul 3, 2015 by Ted Dunning
I have a ProLiant DL380p Gen 8 Server running:
CPU Cores:             12 CPUs x 2.493 GHz
Processor Type:      Intel Xeon CPU E5-26400 @ 2.50GHz
Processor Sockets:  2
Cores per Socket:   6
Memory:               58GB

that I would like to use for a MapR - Actian POC.

There are 8 hot swappable drive slots on the server. maximum data to be used in the POC use cases is under 2TB.

My understanding is that this unit will not accommodate 9 drives so a 3x3 cluster is not possible.
From reading the MapR specs the following seems to be the way forward:
3.5" disks are faster than 2.5"
SAS is faster than SATA
max SAS size is 1TB

so would the best configuration be, avoiding only 2 disks in a cluster, 2 clusters with 3x1TB, or 2 clusters with 3x2TB drives.

2x3x1TBx.33 approx 2TB usable
2x3x2TBx.33 approx 4TB usable

If I need to move to 3 clusters I need to purchase another server if 2 disks per cluster is going to be prohibitive.

Or is there another way to solve this?