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Curious: Docker on MapR or MapR on Docker?

Question asked by anthony.kalinde on Jun 30, 2015
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With regards to docker containers on MapR and Zeta architecture

What is the general consensus to whether one runs docker on hadoop, or hadoop on docker? And how will MapR address the emergence of docker in the upcoming MapR pluggable services?

When I search for docker on hadoop or vice versa the most I have found is below

According to :
"Running Docker in the Hadoop environment would allow the company to take advantage of YARN, the data processing framework introduced in Hadoop 2.0. This would have been ideal since the Altiscale team knows YARN well and is a contributor to the open source project. YARN’s increasingly robust resource management capabilities would allow Altiscale systems to simply ask Hadoop to launch and manage containers, eliminating a great deal of architectural complexity. Unfortunately, as the team learned, getting Docker on Hadoop to work would require support in both YARN and Docker, which would take time to materialize."