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Terasort job failed in MaprM7 cluster verison 4.0.2

Question asked by ranapratapsingh on Jun 29, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 30, 2015 by Ted Dunning
Hi I am having mapr M7 cluster  with mapr version 4.0.2   mixed mode. cluster is working fine . I have installed tez ( developer preview) as execution engine on hive. When I run any large job (Either MR or Tez) it ends up writing into /tmp filesystem in the nodes & then quickly fills up.  Then I  set path for  mapreduce.cluster.local.dir  & mapreduce.temp.dir under /mapr/tmp . I also  set path for mapreduce.local.dir under /mapr/var/local/$( in mapred-site.xml
But still I having same issue. can someone help me to resolve this issue?
Appreciate quick response.