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Jobtracker UI not coming

Question asked by sumit_gupta on Jun 20, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 24, 2015 by adamdiaz

I have single node where i am installing all service related to MapR ecosystem.
Previously i  am running MapR 3.1 now i am trying to upgrade MapR 4,1.
In new Mapr4.1 Job tracker ui not coming and if i do netstat -anp | grep 50030 or 9001 for jobtracker port nothing is coming...but i do jps jobtracker is running log also there is no exception.

I have some doubt related to MapR 3.1 and MapR 4.1.
1: If i am not running resource manager and node manager.can i still able to run mapreduce job ?
2: if i am running both classic mode and yarn mode..but i want like all pig mapreduce goes to classic or there any flag?

For second question i tried following instruction but i it is not working:

Any help will be highly appreciated.