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Metrics on MR2

Question asked by rhinomike on Jun 16, 2015
Latest reply on Feb 8, 2017 by tarun.
I love MapR and overall find that although the documentation is sparse sometimes, one can survive with it without major issues.

Yet, after installing the mapr-metrics packages and restarted warden on affected nodes I still struggling to get metrics to work.

I wonder, does it work at all with MR2 clusters? From the documentation it seems like the Job Metric component only works on MR1, reasons being:

The Troubleshooting step suggests:

    > Verify that the hoststats service is running" :
    > # ps -ef | grep hoststats
    > root     26607     1  0 Sep25 ?        00:03:04 /opt/mapr/server/hoststats 5660 /opt/mapr/logs/TaskTracker.stats

Another section also mentions:

    > Install the mapr-metrics package on all JobTracker and webserver nodes.

I am able to run MR2 jobs without issues but despite running a good number of jobs the MCS jobs task is always empty.

Can someone clarify, if job analysis is restricted to MR1 and if not suggest what I may be doing wrong?

Also, is the mapr-metrics package a requirement to be able to collect service metrics from nodes?