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MapR Sandbox OVA installed

Question asked by guruwali on Jun 1, 2015
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MapR Sandbox OVA is installed and web UI admin console also comes up. If I change machine hostname (FQDN) then I am facing issue. Mapr Service will not work.

Please suggest if I can change the machine hostname or not. I would like to know this bcoz we get many request to build machines and I want to template the Mapr with Cent OS, so if request comes up I can just deploy the template and platform is ready for delivery.

Error in warden.log file:

Warden started
Warden started
Header: hostName: BLRRNDLSBF01, Time Zone: Pacific Standard Time, processName: warden, processId: 2713, MapR Build Version:
2015-06-01 05:50:04,590 ERROR com.mapr.baseutils.cldbutils.CLDBRpcCommonUtils convertHostToIp [main]: Can not find IP for host: Temporary failure in name resolution

OS: Linux Centos 6.5
Build is for POC

If I can change the hostname then please let me know where I have to make change on MapR to make it work.