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Submit jobs/do maprfs operations as different user from Linux

Question asked by bencetamas on Jun 3, 2015
Latest reply on Jun 8, 2015 by bencetamas

Is there some way to submit jobs and do file operations in maprfs from a Linux host as a user a different from cluster user (with different uid and gid)?
The documentation says, that the user who submits jobs must have the same name, uid and gid as the user in the cluster. In windows client I can do it with spoofing. But what about Linux client? I know that there is the **sudo -u** command. But in my case, this is not an option, because my code is a plugin to a program. It would be very strange to ask the user to create a local user with the given name,uid and gid values, and run the entire program as that user if they want to use the plugin.

And is there any reason, why the gid and uid values must match? I think it would be much better design setting these values via a config param in some config file.

Thank you,
Bence Tamas