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Spoofing on windows client not working

Question asked by bencetamas on May 20, 2015
Latest reply on May 31, 2015 by bencetamas

I want to submit Job from Java code from a Windows host using Mapr client. I set the spoofing properties in core-site.xml, as described in [][1] and also set classpath (with yarn.application.classpath configuration property). I also tried to set '' config property. But the application is always submitted as root, instead user called 'mapr'.
Running mapreduce example jobs are working fine, the user is correct.

Inspecting the job.xml files in the cluster's staging directory shows that the only property that can cause that the mapreduce example job and my job is not submitted as the same user is ''. I vainly set this config property in my job, it will stay 'root' in job.xml.

What I am doing wrong? How can I correctly use spoofing on windows client?

Thank you!

Bence Tamas