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MCS: Possible data loss warning

Question asked by rhinomike on May 18, 2015
Latest reply on Sep 15, 2016 by lukas.lalinsky

I have a CLDB server running on a VM and I accidentally resized one of its disks from 40GB to 140GB.

It seems like although the disk is larger, mapr has not expanded the storage space. No dramas as I don't mind zeroing and later reformatting the disk.

The only issue is that every time I try to remove that disk I get the following scary warning:

    The following disk /dev/sdb has data that is currently available only on that disk without replication. If this disk is removed, you will experience permanent data loss.
    To avoid this, you must ensure that the data is replicated to other disks by increasing the replication factor on the volumes on these disks and waiting until the data replicates.
    Press Force Remove to remove disk and lose data, or
    Cancel to leave all disks untouched.

I truly appreciate the warning. However I am left here asking myself:

I believe all my volumes are properly replicated except for the machine own volumes (i.e. /var/mapr/local/ ) that usually have no replication.

As such, is there any way to figure out what is the data that is going to be lost and is there a way of preventing this data loss?

I thank you in advance