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Where can I find Storage Pools details?

Question asked by jid1 on May 8, 2015
Latest reply on May 18, 2015 by nabeel
I am trying to find out how MaprFS stores data (Detailed documentation would be helpful).

To simplify this let's assume that I have a 2GB file. When I write this to disk, what I think happens is that the file is split into 8 x 256MB chucks.
Each chunk is then stripped within a storage pool (RAID-0 style) but all files be saved within the same storage pool.

Also, each chuck is going to be replicated according to replication settings


 1. Are my above statement correct?
 2. What is the strip size? (8KB?)
 3. Is each file is written to a single storage pool?
 4. Is there a storage pool correlation among servers? (My guess is no!)
 5. At what level does the compression takes place? (Chunk level?)
 6. Will volumes use all storage pools by default?