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MapR 4.0.2 installation issue: Entries missing in

Question asked by adil on Apr 15, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 19, 2015 by leonclayton

I am trying to install MapR on a single node machine with CentOS 7; following the guidelines detailed in "Advanced Installation Topics" section on I installed the packages listed in Step 3 of "Installing MapR Software". Before going to execute in the next step, I did a sanity check on the script and found some discrepancies (missing elements). Listing the same below:


The above mentioned variable declarations are found in but to the surprise they aren't present in the relevant path (Here, ${INSTALL_DIR} is /opt/mapr as usual).

I found cldb.key is getting generated from within a routine in the sh, also the entity "serverTkt" is getting generated somewhere; therefore these entities could be moved out of concern. The only thing to worry is the absence of "zookeeper", "hbase", & "drill" directories in the install path due to which the respective elements are skipped. Please find a snap of the log generated below:

    2015-04-15 16:07:41.252 bigdatacoe Install ConfigureDrillBitsRole:1125 Skipping Drill Bits Role configuration... Not found
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.255 bigdatacoe Install ConfigureHBMRole:1224 Skipping Hbase Master Role configuration... Not found
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.258 bigdatacoe Install ConfigureHBRRole:1255 Skipping Hbase RS Role configuration... Not found
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.261 bigdatacoe Install ConfigureHBIRole:1239 Skipping Hbase Client Role configuration... Not found
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.275 bigdatacoe Install ConfigureOozieRole:1093 Skipping Oozie Role configuration... Not found
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.283 bigdatacoe Install UpdateWardenConfig:1306 Updating Warden config
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.307 bigdatacoe Install UpdateWardenConfig:1423 Adding "isDB=true" to "/opt/mapr/conf/warden.conf"
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.322 bigdatacoe Install RunDiskSetup:306 Disksetup NOT run (-F or -D options not provided). Please run /opt/mapr/server/disksetup manually
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.325 bigdatacoe Install StartCluster:145 No /opt/mapr/conf/disktab file, not starting cluster automatically
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.328 bigdatacoe Install StartCluster:146 Run /opt/mapr/server/disksetup manually
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.332 bigdatacoe Install main:2289
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.335 bigdatacoe Install main:2290 Node install FINISHED
    2015-04-15 16:07:41.338 bigdatacoe Install main:2291 -----------------------

I tried executing once even after finding that zookeeper files doesn't exist, the
I'm not sure of the other parameters listed above except the zookeeper one. Zookeeper is installed and it's present in /opt/mapr/roles but not sure why the zookeeper named directory isn't formed under home dir.

Can someone please clarify the doubt I'm having here; any workaround that's missing from the tutorial??