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Decommission not happened properly

Question asked by veera on Apr 1, 2015
Latest reply on Apr 14, 2015 by veera
We have decommisioned a node from our working MapR cluster using the following steps.But we could see the decommisioned node in the maprcli node list though it is listed in decommisssioned queue in MCS.

Steps used
1)$ sudo /usr/bin/maprcli  node move -serverids 377146540501208315 -topology /decommissioned
2)stopped warden service in decommissioned noded and restarted in all other nodes .
3)Reconfigured the cluster configuration using -R

When we trigger " sudo /usr/bin/maprcli node list -columns id" command , it is showing decommissioned node too.
$ sudo /usr/bin/maprcli node list -columns id
id                   hostname    ip            
254191453812671934   dl360x2360 
1128661561938574392  dl360x3242   --- decomissioned node
2377146540501208315  dl360x3247  

Please let me know , if any thing i missed

Ramachandiran V
1644690331815135803  dl360x3248