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Does the Quick Installation script (recommended for POC deployments) support installation with LOCAL MAPR REPOSITORY  (instead of a MapR internet repository)  ?

Question asked by adiworkoholic on Mar 23, 2015
Latest reply on Mar 26, 2015 by srimahesh

MapR service packages can be installed using a Local MapR Repository (as opposed to MapR Internet repository).
Since you host it internally, this would allow
 - faster installations  and
 - better control over your installation and versions.
 - avoids the need for internet connectivity.

*MapR documentation mentions about local repository in this [link][1] - (This is elaborate installation method which is more involved).*

**But there is no mention of the *local repository* setup in the Quick installation method.**

***Now the question:***

Does this imply that Quick installation does not support Local Repositories ?
*I have seen a [question][2] asked on this forum a few days before which also points to the same.*